TechTogether New York

Virtual Event | October 15th-17th, 2021

Explore New York City without leaving your home for TechTogether's second hackathon of the year.

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This is how New Yorkers do hackathons.

We are excited to welcome you to TechTogether New York 2021, which will take place virtually this year from October 15th - 17th. At TechTogether New York, our mission is to empower all people of marginalized genders by providing opportunities to gain valuable skills and explore tech in an inclusive, inspiring, and engaging environment.

This year’s theme Uniquely NYC Things 🏙 will primarily focus on what makes New York the greatest city in the world. Come on by and enjoy some interesting workshops, create a hack (optional), network with our sponsors, and meet some amazing people.

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing people of marginalized genders with opportunities to explore the tech industry in an inspiring, encouraging, and energizing environment.

At TechTogether New York, we give each hackers regardless of age or experience level the unique opportunity to (1) gain and develop their skill-sets, (2) build a professional network, (3) and be part of a supportive and empowering community.

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Our Sponsors

Balsamiq Capital One Microsoft Boston University Spark Travelers Hackathon Mentors Robinhood

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No Dumb Questions

Your project will be submitted through Devpost. Click on the "Submit Project" button at the top of the site to access the Devpost.

Your submission must include a video (no longer than 2 minutes) that showcases your project, a basic description of your project, and the challenge(s) for which you want your project to be considered.

All workshops, activities and events will be taking place via Zoom. Meetings links will be shared via Discord.

Mentoring will all be done through Discord. To request a mentor, fill out the form on the Discord channel and then hop onto our Mentorship zoom hangout to connect with your assigned mentor.

Register on Eventbrite and you will get emailed a link to join the Discord. Make sure to check your spam folder for all event emails.

Make sure to check the event schedule to stay up to date on important hackathon deadlines and everything you need to know about what's going on throughout the weekend!

Announcements and reminders will also be broadcasted on the Discord server in case you forget.

Workshop recordings will be available via a Google Drive folder and shared with participants following the completion of the event. So don't worry if you happen to miss one of this weekend's workshops because we got you covered!

All teams must be between 2-4 people. While you have the option to work alone, if you want to submit your project you must work with at least one other person. Don't worry if you don't have a team—you'll have plenty of opportunities to find one virtually!

TechTogether will be hosting a variety of team formation activities throughout the first day, and we will also have a Discord channel dedicated to team formation leading up to and during the event.

Our Volunteers

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